Pediatric Orthodontist in Roanoke

One of the best things you will notice when you come into Reopelle Orthodontics is that we are pediatric orthodontists in Roanoke. All Orthodontists have undergone additional training enabling us to focus on the proper alignment of dental structures, including teeth and jaws. But depending on the age of a patient, your concerns as a parent may include finding a dental health professional who knows how to treat younger kids and teens.

Is a pediatric orthodontist in Roanoke a good choice?

Pediatrics matter because treating younger patients is different from treating adults. Teens and children are not just small adults. Their dental structures are still in development, meaning that an orthodontist has to work on how to prevent major issues and not just correct them. A pediatric orthodontist in Roanoke will also have received training to consider the state of mind of a younger patient. We know that kids and teens can have a hard time trusting health professionals they have never met before, and the design of our dental practice aims at easing the child into the need for orthodontic treatment in Roanoke and reducing levels of stress.

Pediatric orthodontists Know How To Guide a Child During Treatment

So, an orthodontist will have received sufficient training to know how to guide a child during treatment, and how to make them feel comfortable, and will have designed the workspace to be as inviting as possible. Our orthodontic training takes things one step further. It is common for patients to come in because they suffer from orthodontic conditions like overcrowding or an underbite. We will gladly help those who come to our dental practice overcome these problems.

Corrective treatments may be necessary. People who have malaligned teeth or jaws require orthodontic treatment involving appliances that move their teeth and reposition them. You may be familiar with traditional braces, and while they are good at ensuring everything is in the right place, we also offer alternatives to this treatment. Ceramic braces in Roanoke that blend with your natural tooth color, near-invisible aligners you can remove, and other appliances are all at your disposal when you come for a consultation with us.

Early Orthodontist Treatment?

Your pediatric orthodontist in Roanoke will not just wait for you to develop these issues. We recommend, along with the American Association of Orthodontists, that you take your child to the orthodontist around the age of 7. When children hit age 7, they will have already lost most of their primary teeth, and a certified orthodontist will be able to determine if there are any valid concerns about developing orthodontic conditions. We can then formulate a strategy to correct any issues.

Even better, when you come to a pediatric orthodontist in Roanoke, you have the chance of engaging in early treatment, meaning that your child will be examined by a professional who knows how to prevent the onset of more complicated orthodontic problems. Preventive treatment will help your kid avoid serious problems during their teens, and will shorten the overall time needed to complete any treatment.

Visiting a pediatric orthodontist in Roanoke is critical for the healthy development of your child’s dental health. If you wait until all their permanent teeth grow in, your kid may have to face very long treatments that cause discomfort and can even hurt. Keep that in mind, pediatric orthodontics can spare your child from long and painful treatments.

You’re telling me it’s how important?

The importance of orthodontics goes beyond looks and esthetics. Misaligned teeth are harder to clean, plaque builds up faster, and your child’s teeth are at a higher risk of developing cavities and pulp infections. Jaw development problems can also result in speech development issues that take much effort to correct. And then there are the most dangerous complications of all, the less apparent ones. Children with crooked smiles, overcrowded teeth, and other orthodontic conditions can hurt a child’s self-esteem. We will do everything in our power to help your kid achieve that healthy smile they need, and we hope this will also result in a confidence boost for them.

Contact Our Roanoke pediatric orthodontist

So what does your first visit to your new pediatric orthodontist in Roanoke look like? When you come to our office, you will find a team happy to see you. We will take you to the station and begin our assessment of your current and developing dental health status. We will take images and x-rays to have a better look at what problems you are facing to start designing the orthodontic strategy you need. Coming to the orthodontist doesn’t have to be annoying. Our office is inviting young patients, and our staff, welcoming to all.

We hope to see you soon, so set your appointment online, or give us a call. You will find us just off Colonial Ave.