Sometimes the movement of teeth can be accompanied by tenderness, especially after braces are placed or adjusted. For minor soreness, you can use your regular over-the-counter pain reliever.

Occasionally during orthodontic treatment, you will get a loose bracket, band or a poking wire. These are minor problems that can occur as you are advancing through treatment. At Reopelle Orthodontics, we suggest that you leave your appliance or braces as is and schedule an appointment to see us as soon as possible. If a poking wire is irritating the inside of your mouth, you can apply wax over this area until we see you. Be sure to bring any parts that have detached with you to the visit so that we can reattach them as necessary.

Orthodontic Emergencies?
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What to do in an orthodontic emergency?

The first thing we recommend doing is getting in touch with your orthodontist to let them know you’re undergoing an orthodontic emergency. There are several DIY solutions you can try, and they will offer some quick and temporary solutions, but you should still consult with a professional to get a solution that ensures everything stays on track with your treatment.

What constitutes a true orthodontic emergency?

Real orthodontic emergencies are not life-threatening; instead, they’re situations where your orthodontic appliances might suffer damage or when you have a problem that can delay your treatment. Please pay close attention to the most common types of orthodontic emergencies, so you prepare in advance and know how to react.

What qualifies as an orthodontic emergency?

A few recurring situations are definitely orthodontic emergencies. One such orthodontic emergency includes loose brackets that are no longer fixed to their target tooth and slide freely over the archwire. Another situation involves poking wires that can cause mouth sores or slight bleeding as they scratch directly on the inside of your cheeks. Please call your orthodontist to receive information on what other situations qualify as an orthodontic emergency.

How do you handle orthodontic emergencies?

There are two things you can do. Number one is calling your orthodontist because only they can provide you with a definitive solution that prevents additional complications. Number two includes case-by-case DIY solutions that deal with discomfort and prevent further damage.