Reopelle Orthodontics employs the latest digital technology to personalize your orthodontic treatment plan.

Our advanced technology means you get a precise diagnosis that allows us to prepare an optimal plan that results in a beautiful, healthy smile.

Digital X-Rays

Using a digital sensor and high-tech computer software, we are able to generate images of your teeth, jaws and oral structures that we can see immediately. With the high-quality image of a digital X-ray, we are able to make more precise diagnoses to optimize your treatment plan. Digital X-rays are safer than traditional X-rays, reducing exposure to radiation by 90%.

Lythos Digital Scanner

Remember the traditional putty impressions? Good news – we have new technology to replace those bulky trays and sticky goo! Our digital scanner is an intra-oral, 3D imaging device used to collect the most precise images of patients’ teeth, gums and oral structures. Maximizing patient comfort, we are able to photograph your entire mouth in approximately 5 minutes, resulting in a more accurate impression of your teeth.