Let’s talk about rotated teeth. These conditions can create pronounced cosmetic complications for the patients. In some cases, these teeth can lead to gingival recession. That simply means that the gum line recedes, exposing the tooth to several complications.

Trained orthodontists can help with these conditions, especially if we engage in early treatment in Roanoke. Let’s review some important characteristics of this orthodontic condition and how we can treat it.

Rotated Teeth Causes

We can classify causes for rotated teeth into two main groups because anyone can suffer from health complications or emergencies before or after a tooth eruption. These conditions are technically classified as pre-eruptive disturbances and post-eruptive disturbances.

Fortunately, you can easily find a lot of research into these causes, like this article published in the Journal of Dental Research.

  • Many things can happen during a patient’s childhood. Consider things like trauma to the region that leads to displacement and rotation; additionally, you could also count health complications such as cysts, tumors, and hyperdontia (extra teeth in a child’s mouth).
  • Other problems may occur after the affected tooth erupts. We can include on this list mechanical and functional causes. In some situations, a patient’s tongue and lips can contribute to tooth rotation; however, more often than not, these conditions result from other problems like overcrowding or excessive space between teeth.

How To Fix Rotated Teeth

As you may well know, Roanoke orthodontic treatment relies heavily on the use of appliances. These orthodontic appliances use force to move your teeth over time. Depending on your specific case, you may benefit from removable or fixed appliances.

The type of tools used in your case will depend solely on what we find in our initial consultations, so make sure to get in touch with a qualified orthodontist like Dr. Ann Reopelle.

Remember we mentioned that patients would benefit from starting their treatment early? Well, we mean it.

Rotated teeth can cause irreparable damage to soft tissues in a child’s mouth and limit their jaw’s range of motion, not to mention that such problems carry with them esthetic repercussions. This often-overlooked point can impact a child’s social development.

All those points paint a clear picture: professional help to solve the issue of rotated teeth is highly beneficial to patients regardless of their age.

Your Roanoke orthodontist will make an initial revision of your dental structures to plan your treatment. We might also require advanced imaging (X-rays) to get a clearer picture of what is happening in your case.

If you only have one rotated tooth, it may be possible (and at times even preferable) to use a removable appliance. However, if your case is more complex and you are suffering from multiple rotated teeth, we may need to plan more comprehensive treatment with fixed appliances.

Some appliances can simultaneously push and pull on the rotated teeth and gradually lead them into the proper position.

How Long Does It Take to Rotate a Tooth?

It is very difficult to estimate the length of treatment if we haven’t performed any revisions of your case. Some professionals reported significant progress in a matter of months, but you should still bear in mind that each case can vary wildly.

These treatments are not as lengthy as flagship treatments involving traditional braces or clear aligners focusing on moving multiple teeth at a time and realigning your jaws.

You should also keep in mind that even after the total derotation of your tooth, you might need to come back to your orthodontist’s office for a follow-up to make sure that everything is going well.

Can Invisalign Fix Rotated Teeth

Invisalign® Clear Aligners offers patients substantial benefits over traditional orthodontic appliances. However, Invisalign cannot fix everything.

When it comes to solving tooth rotation, Invisalign has its limits. Several sources point out that this appliance may struggle to fix rotations past a certain severity. It is possible to use clear aligners to fix rotations up to 45 degrees.

Yet, we would warn patients that more severe cases may require additional elements to achieve the desired results. Invisalign can be equipped with some attachments designed to solve things like rotated teeth, but their use defeats these clear aligners’ “clear” purpose.

You should consult with your orthodontist about the type of appliances they plan to use for your treatment and how you will look during the treatment.

Fortunately, the treatment won’t be extremely long.

Get in Touch With the Professionals

Get in touch with our team to undergo an initial revision and start planning your treatment. We know that we can help you fix your rotated teeth problems, so make sure to either give us a call or set your appointment online.

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