How Orthodontics Treatment Can Change Facial Features and Shape

Effects on Orofacial Structures

Science Behind Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a dental specialty aimed at studying, preventing, and correcting developmental variations of dental arches and the position of the jaws. Orthodontics aims to move teeth seeking their correct contact with the chewing surface, balancing the contact relationships between the teeth of upper and lower arches.

When we see the impact of orthodontic treatment in Roanoke, it is evident that it helps to harmonize the jaw, and it might, in some cases, help improve the symmetrical definition of the face. In some cases, to reach orthodontic objectives, the displacement of the entire dental set is required. In short, treatment outcomes include restoring the functional and esthetic balance of the mouth and face, which means your face shape could change after braces.

How Does an Orthodontist Move Teeth?

Orthodontic professionals have completed an education process and training that certifies their expertise in balancing oral functionality and esthetics. An orthodontist’s central focus is to be able to correct misalignments. Orthodontists have the required know-how to determine the adequate alignment devices and procedures necessary for each case.

Procedures depend, for instance, on the development and age of a patient; being easier to treat kids past seven years old and early teens, where variations of arches and jaws still occur naturally. Adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment in Roanoke; still, in most cases, the process can take a bit longer.

As for the devices used to carry out orthodontic treatment, orthodontists can choose from an assortment of dental appliances before determining their suitability. For instance, with braces, orthodontists move teeth using a wire that connects the teeth; the device exerts tension in a controlled manner that is gentle and bearable, fixing the entire structure of the jaw bone.

The tension of the teeth also produces tissue breakdown, a natural and painless process. The appliances create controlled tension to guide movement in a predetermined direction, aiming to reach the complete alignment of the teeth, improving their functionality. An almost unperceivable process occurs in parallel, in which the face profile shifts into a more harmonious facial structure.

In the case of jaw discrepancies, complementary elements are often required, along with braces and other alignment devices. For instance, rubber bands or attachments assist in moving the jaws to make the arches coincide. Additionally, when it comes to the face harmonic structure, jaw shifting has a noticeable impact on a patient’s profile.

How Can Braces Affect Your Facial Structure?

Having a perfectly symmetrical face is the exception to the rule. However, no matter the asymmetry of a face, it’s hard to perceive it most of the time.

Notwithstanding, cases exist in which the jaw discrepancies are pretty evident, as with underbite, in which the lower front teeth sit farther forward than the upper front teeth. Orthodontic appliances, like braces and clear aligners, can help treat many jaw discrepancies.

Also, part of the know-how of orthodontists includes identifying the correct facial angles from an evaluation of symmetries. A subtle change in the jaw and bone impacts the structure of the face; this makes facial angles move. In this regard, some orthodontic treatments seem to redefine the nose; this is partly due to the angle shift between the nose and the lips.

We previously discussed the importance of early identification of factors that can alter jaw structure. For instance, early interceptive orthodontics is auxiliary in manipulating and redefinition of jaws. Likewise, early treatment accompanied with appliances like Herbst or palatal expanders complemented with braces during early teen years. Fortunately, the results are commendable, as the definition will impact adulthood.

At Reopelle Orthodontics, we strive to deliver detailed results. We want to create beautiful smiles and reach an appropriate balance of facial structures. So feel free to contact us and make an appointment. Our team will guide you on the best orthodontic treatment for you and your family.