I Got Braces…What Happens Next?

Got Braces

You’ve taken the first step toward a healthier and more beautiful smile by getting braces at Reopelle Orthodontics, and you’re probably wondering what comes next. The first week is the period of biggest adjustment, and there’s a lot to learn in this short time. Don’t worry; in a few short days, your braces will feel completely natural.

The first week

On the first day, your braces will probably feel very odd in your mouth; it will take time to get used to them. By the second day, you may feel some soreness or discomfort. If you are going to experience any discomfort, the second and third days are when it will happen. Most discomfort can be alleviated by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as Tylenol or Advil.

What about sore spots?

Your cheeks and tongue are getting used to your new braces just like your teeth are. You may develop sore spots where this soft tissue rubs against the metal of your braces. The best way to avoid this and allow your mouth to heal is by covering the irritating brace with orthodontic wax. Break off a small piece and roll it into a ball in your fingers. Dry the metal of the braces with a cotton swab, and then place the wax around the uncomfortable spot to create a cushion.

What if they break?

Braces are held onto your teeth with special orthodontic glue. Once in a while, part of your appliance may come loose from the surface of your tooth. This won’t harm anything; it will just be slightly inconvenient. Call our office right away and we will be able to glue the bracket back on.

Make sure you avoid hard items such as ice and avoid sticky, chewy candies; also, don’t open packages with your teeth. These habits can contribute to braces popping off. Even fairly innocent-sounding items like popcorn or French bread can be a culprit, so avoid eating any hard foods, or cut them up into small pieces before consuming them.

Contact Reopelle Orthodontics Now

If you have questions about which foods to eat and which to avoid, or if your braces are sorer than expected, feel free to contact our office at (540) 306-5291 and ask a member of our team of orthodontists in Roanoke. We’re more than happy to help!

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