Are Clear Aligners Really Better Than Braces for Teenagers?

Clear Aligners for Teens Roanoke

There is a convention that most orthodontists agree upon. This is, orthodontic treatment with braces should start after all permanent teeth sprout. Nevertheless, there are cases in which early intervention could help your kid have a less traumatic experience with orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatment carried out in kids is clinically described as early interceptive orthodontics. This approach to orthodontics can eliminate or reduce the severity of a developing malocclusion, the complexity of orthodontic treatment, and overall treatment time and cost.

This type of preventive treatment helps control the growth of the jawbones, clearing space for permanent teeth to sprout in an adequate space for them. The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends the first orthodontic visit be at the age of seven.

The first visit to an orthodontist’s office might reveal a problem that requires early intervention before it gets more serious or a kid needing treatment in the future (teen years).

In the first scenario, treatment might be composed of a two-stage process. First, an orthodontist seeks to resolve potential issues. The work defines a path for the child’s jaw and facial growth.

To reach an advancement in this stage, the specialist might suggest using a first orthodontic appliance or maybe just removing a strategically located baby teeth denture piece will help the permanent teeth come in the way better.

The first stage, including orthodontic appliances, might start as early as age nine as they have some permanent teeth already. An orthodontist might perhaps include the option of wearing transparent devices designed for kids branded Invisalign First.

Also, during the second stage, chances are by ages 12 to 13 a child might require using conventional braces as a complementary measure for the first stage. Conventional braces are the most suitable option for treating severe malocclusion (teeth and jaw misalignment).

In the second scenario, an orthodontist might adopt a “wait and see” approach after an early evaluation. In these circumstances, a new check-up might reveal the need to use orthodontic appliances as the child advances to the early teen years.

Therefore, with these scenarios in mind, this article addresses the suitability of Clear Aligners in treating malocclusions and incorporates an analysis of benefits and brand options available in the market, focusing on Invisalign and Spark aligners.

Clear Alignment Solutions

The Clear Alignment Appliances market skyrocketed in the last few years. This phenomenon is partly attributable to young patients’ increased interest in functional and esthetic options to correct teeth misalignments.

The global clear aligners market projects growth from $2.85 billion in 2021 to $10.04 billion in 2028 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 19.7% in the forecast period, 2021-2028.

So, having this in mind, we include some of the benefits of Clear Alignment Appliances, especially when compared to traditional braces, emphasizing, in some cases, the perceived value assigned by teens.

Invisalign Benefits for Patients

Invisalign is the most renowned manufacturer of Clear Alignment Devices worldwide. In fact, Invisalign englobes a system encompassing a modeling arrangement starting with a 3D scanning that provides detailed images of the mouth’s structure.

The manufacturer models barely noticeable clear plastic appliances (trays) made with a multi-layer thermoplastic polymer of approximately one millimeter. This material is a patented product named SmartTrack that incorporates several specific benefits for patients that include:

  • Elasticity to adapt snugly to the tooth’s morphology;
  • Provides soft and constant strain forces and;
  • Traction to control dental movement.

Here we include a list of the available benefits of Invisalign as perceived by young patients.


A study reveals increased perceptions of intelligence, friendliness, employment prospects, and sensitivity; and reports an increase in the self-esteem and emotional well-being of patients undergoing cosmetic treatments.

Also, young patients pose significant importance to social interaction. Lately, young patients’ interest in esthetically sound orthodontic options has increased dramatically.

First, conventional braces make young patients self-conscious about their mouths full of metal and wires. Secondly, older adolescents prefer clear appliances. Finally, young adults consider people that do not wear braces intellectual in contrast to people wearing cosmetically sound options.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene during orthodontic treatment with braces is problematic. Patients must dedicate more time and detail to eliminate any visible trace of residues, and despite these efforts, sometimes this is difficult to attain.

Additionally, oral hygiene during braces treatment requires using specific utensils to reach food particles stuck in intricate spaces between teeth and wires and between crooked teeth in the process of getting aligned.

Interdental and self-threading flossers, electric toothbrushes, and water irrigators are some of the recommended utensils used during treatment with braces. Conversely, oral hygiene with clear appliances assimilates with minor differences to not wearing any orthodontic appliance.

Young patients wearing clear aligners like Invisalign must detach the trays from their teeth and soak them in sterilizing products mixed with water. Meanwhile, the patient brushes and flosses their teeth as usual. After a few minutes, a patient can resume using the sterilized appliances.

Zero Emergencies

We might feel tempted to think that losing a removable appliance is an emergency, but it is not. If a young patient loses a tray, she is a call away from solving the problem. The orthodontist might recommend wearing the last set of trays while a replacement set is requested and arrives.

On the other side, during treatment with braces, a bracket might detach from a tooth, and having a loose bracket is uncomfortable and looks terrible. Also, a wire might derail, bend or even break. A broken wire might have a sharp edge that might hurt a patient’s cheek.

Consequently, braces patients must immediately trim the wire with a clipper and apply vaseline to the checks to avoid getting hurt; and immediately schedule a visit to the orthodontist.

Shorter Treatment

Orthodontic treatment with braces lasts approximately 18 to 24 months. Conversely, thanks to the traction Invisalign clear appliances exert in the entire teeth; some orthodontic conditions might solve in around 6 months (depending on the severity of the case and patients’ compliance).

No Dietary Restrictions

Wearing braces is saying goodbye to some of the foods we love. One of the most significant advantages of Clear Alignment Systems is that they are removable, so patients can enjoy their favorite foods without worrying or regretting damaging an appliance.

Increased Comfort

A higher level of strain does not necessarily mean better results. The tight-fitting plastic used in Clear Alignment treatments exerts only the necessary stress. Invisalign Clear Appliances gently hug teeth, making them move with high predictability and efficiency.

Invisalign Teens Benefits

In addition to developing state-of-the-art materials and 3D imagery innovations, Invisalign provides some other advantages specifically designed for teens by introducing a product labeled Invisalign Teens. Here we list some of these specific benefits:

Compliance Indicators

These indicators exhibit compliance with a blue-colored mark that disappears as a young patient continuously wears the appliances for at least 22 hours a day.

Additional Trays

Preventing a young patient might lose or breaking an appliance. Invisalign teens include three additional sets.

Dental Development Guides

A significant difference related to performance is the introduction of Guides that lead permanent teeth that haven’t yet erupted to fit straight in their place.

How Much Will Invisalign Teens Cost?

Depending on the market, Invisalign Teens’ costs are approximately close to conventional braces ranging from $3,000 to $5,000. However, we insist that costs depend upon several factors, including the geographical location, the severity of the malocclusion, and treatment length.

Are There Other Brands of Invisible Braces as Good as Invisalign?

Yes, there are several other Clear Alignment Systems and Appliances in the market. Invisalign is the leader in the industry, but when it comes to technology advancements paired with astonishing results, Spark Aligners is the best option.

Spark Aligners

Technological improvements are at the core of Spark Aligners’ offer to the public. These features represent one of the most significant elements in attracting a highly demanding orthodontic market. Is it working? Undoubtedly.

Spark is one of the leading brands in the Clear Alignment Industry worldwide. The investment in R&D includes a patented material TruGEN that sets the standard in clarity and comfort for patients.

TruGEN has polished and scalloped edges that make fitment accurate lowering discomfort in patients. In addition, TruGEN material is less susceptible to stain and is remarkably more transparent, making Spark aligners the best option for imperceptibility.

In addition to improved comfort, clearness, and stain-free, Spark Aligners offer comparable products to Invisalign, with accurate and sophisticated 3D scanning and aligners for teens and children.

Spark Aligners also share the general benefits of Clear Alignment Devices introduced to the customers, including enhanced esthetics (discreteness), oral hygiene, comfort, and non-dietary restrictions.

We include a list of other Clear Alignments Systems offered in the US market:


Byte’s competitive advantages in the Clear Alignment market are its lower costs and the inclusion of HyperByte, a device approved by the FDA that signals high-frequency vibrations that accelerate treatment time while increasing patient comfort.

Smile Direct Club

The main feature offered by Smile Direct Club is the possibility of wearing aligners for 10 hours or 22 hours and having no mandatory checkups. Additionally, it provides a dental care system available 24/7.


This Clear Alignments system includes CandidPro, a device that allows patients to get at-home mouth scans. Patients send these scans for progression analysis.

We serve our patients with worldwide renowned Clear Alignment Systems Brands. At Reopelle Orthodontics, we strive to provide the best quality orthodontic systems guaranteeing young patients a discrete treatment and a beautiful lifelong smile.