Traditional metal braces have been the orthodontic treatment cornerstone for many years and are the most commonly used still today.

Advancements in materials technology have made metal braces smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than ever.

You can look forward to customizing your look with colored elastic ties each time you visit.

Invisalign Roanoke

Traditional metal braces have four main components:

  • Brackets, made of stainless steel or titanium, are sleeker and smaller than the brackets of old.
  • Archwires are the thin metal wires that connect each bracket and apply pressure to the teeth to help move them into alignment.
  • Ligature elastics or ties are used to hold the archwire in place and come in a wide array of colors.
  • Bands are metal rings that are placed on the back molars to anchor the archwire in place throughout treatment.

During braces treatment, Lampros & Reopelle Orthodontics will change the archwire or elastics at each visit. You can customize your look every time you come in for an appointment!