You have worked hard taking good care of your teeth during treatment and now your smile is beautiful and straight. The day has finally come to get your braces off! Even though the hard work is behind you, we must maintain that beautiful smile. You are now entering the retention phase of treatment.

Once you get your braces off, we will make new impressions of your teeth to design a retainer that will keep your teeth in their proper position. Lampros and Reopelle Orthodontics has a few options for the retention phase including:

  • Clear aligner-type retainer that looks similar to Invisalign. These retainers are custom-made with thin comfortable plastic material that will fit directly over your teeth. They are wireless and easy to remove and also comfortable enough to wear all the time.
  • Hawley retainers are the most popular retainer issued by orthodontist and works the best for most retention cases. A combination of acrylic and wire, the Hawley retainer fits securely in your palette. This type of retainer can be adjusted to correct minor tooth movement.
  • Fixed retainers are usually an option for the lingual side of the lower teeth. The fixed retainer spans approximately the 6 front lower teeth and is bonded on each side of the span. Although this retainer is not removable, it is not visible and it may remain in place for a year or longer. Having the lower teeth in a stable position helps the upper teeth stay in their position.

Your retainer will need to be worn exactly as your orthodontist recommends so that you can maintain the beautiful smile you have achieved.